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Announcement: Some Changes Are Coming to the Blog

I stand with SAG-AFTRA and WGA, so there will be some changes to the blog.

My life has been dramatically affected by the media work of actors and writers. From learning the alphabet with the help of Sesame Street to studying media in college and now writing about it for this blog, media has been a significant part of my life.

My intention for this blog has always been to spread positivity and use media to start conversations and discussions around diversity and inclusivity. It’s my way of being a part of the fight for representation in media.

I use media as a general term for movies, tv shows, music, and books. The blog consists of movie and tv show analyses, music reviews, and articles resembling book reports. However, SAG-AFTRA has released guidelines for influencers to follow if they support or stand with the strike. I don’t consider myself an influencer, and I know my blog hasn’t gained enough traction to be on SAG-AFTRA or WGA’s radar, but I stand with the strikes.

SAG-AFTRA’s guidelines say that people cannot promote struck work. Struck work is any work created under the union’s previous contracts or for production companies who have not entered into negotiations for an agreement.

Because reviewing and writing about movies and tv shows is a form of promotion, I will not be writing either until demands are met or negotiated, and both strikes are over. This means the type of content on the blog will be different for the foreseeable future.

I can’t definitively say how posts will differ just yet, but the blog will steer away from movies and tv shows for a while and focus more on music, books, food, and lifestyle articles. There may also be some more conceptual articles with topics up for debate, similar to the post about tv and movie adaptations. I may even use this as an opportunity to flex some of my creative writing skills by writing more poetry or short stories.

But not everything is changing; you can still look forward to reading an interview with my monthly featured artist and concluding every month with a rewind.

Just because the exact content of the blog is changing a little does not mean that the message is changing. I still aim to spread positivity and create a safe environment filled with acceptance that celebrates diversity and inclusivity in media.

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