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About Damaris Chanza

Freelance Media Specialist/ Media Blogger

Photo Credit - Jahleel Giles

I grew up in Orange, NJ, about fifteen minutes away from Newark. I lived across the street from a crack house and in gang territory. There were days that I would walk out my front door, and there would be people lying on the street.  I wouldn’t know if they were just unconscious or dead, but I always knew better than to get involved.

In an attempt to make a difference, I volunteered anywhere I could. I volunteered at my local elementary school, my brother’s Boy Scout’s of America Troop, and the local food pantry. I remember volunteering for every after-school movie night just so that I could watch whatever movie was playing that night.

I have always been interested in media and the arts. As a child, that manifested as a love for movies and music. Soon, I realized that it wasn’t just movies or music that I loved, but the stories people had to tell. Regardless of the medium, there is always a beautiful or tragic story behind any piece of art. Eventually, my love for stories grew into wanting to learn how to tell my own story. That aspiration led me to the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), where I graduated with a bachelor’s in Communication and Media.

I’ve been working in media in some form or another for three years. Professionally, I’m currently working as a web administrator but do freelance media work as well. I work in everything from designing and developing websites to designing business cards, party invitations, and lyric videos. Check out some of my work to learn more.

Fun Facts:

  •   I have eight years of Photoshop experience and four years of Premiere experience

  • I have five years of website design and development experience using Dreamweaver, Wix, and WordPress.

  • · Music videos and television shows highly influence me, but I’m always open to new ideas.

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