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Pointless Effortz Serves A Plate of Raw Emotions in his Upcoming Album, Leftoverz

Pointless Effortz's upcoming album, Leftoverz, serves an intimate look into his heart.

Thirty-year-old, Pointless Effortz was raised surrounded by musical talent courtesy of his mother. However, it wasn't until his first year of high school that a mean-spirited nickname led him to create a parody of Young Joc's "It's Going Down." Thus, he discovered his talent for songwriting.

Growing up in Queens, Pointless was enthralled with hip-hop, rap, and alternative music. To enhance the sounds from his upbringing, Pointless also blends influences from bachata, merengue, salsa, afro beats, reggaeton, electronic, and house music.

With talent and a clear vision of his musical inspirations, the only thing left to start his music career was a name. The unique stage name stems from a love song written during a stint of depression and nihilism. The song entitled, Pointless, was posted on MySpace, and it became synonymous with his musical persona.

"I figured everything is pointless, might as well stick with it. . .until you put the effort in, of course."

Despite all his incredible talent and distinct perspective, Pointless procrastinated taking his music career seriously. His mantra was tested during the COVID pandemic when he, unfortunately, lost his father. The loss and its resulting familial consequences came with some perspective.

"The idea of leaving a legacy or print of some kind crossed my mind heavily. I wanted to make sure it wasn't all talk, and people can actually go hear my music. . . . I think deep down subconsciously I was scared, so I decided to document my experiences and feelings and share them with the audience."

Instead of crumbling under pressure, Pointless wrapped up his emotions in a collection of songs for his upcoming album, Leftoverz.

Leftoverz is an inside look into "the fridge of my heart," detailing intimate moments of his life, including heartbreak, betrayal, confusion, and affirmation.

The album's title is apt, considering the songs are leftovers from a failed endeavor. Pointless initially aimed to create producer-specific albums similar to Action Bronson.

"I reached out to my network of producers and tried purchasing all these beats to set up producer rapper collab albums, but I noticed I was way overloaded with work and had albums all over the place."

Finding common themes in his songs with beats from different producers, Pointless took the initiative to shift focus and turn his failed attempt into a masterpiece.

Some producers featured on Leftoverz are Primestyle Beats, SirEightySeven, SphaBeats, LoverboyKeys, Jay.Sin, TiggerdaGreat, Carl C Beats, Konjure Muzik, and Guru Mars.

"All these guys really work hard on their craft, and I wanted to display that . . . my favorite [was] working with Carl C 'cause he's a producer out [in] the UK, so we are literally going overseas with the collaboration now."

Pointless Efforts and Carl C's collaboration, Carbon Copy, is out now.

Another critical collaboration was with Primestyle Beats, who created the beats for songs like Exxon and Confio.

"His production allows me to really flow and connect."

One of Pointless's favorite songs on the album is Clouded, featuring Double R and a vocal sample from his sister.

"Clouded is a certified banger producer by the homie, LoverboyKeys. This song is special 'cause it has my favorite verse to perform up to date!"

Not every song was effortless. Dave Chapelle's Netflix Special, a Mac Dre tribute song, was one of the hardest to complete.

"I had to let the world know Mac Dre departed this earth 15 years ago, and his music is still a staple and a big influence on my music."

Overall, Pointless Effortz describes Leftoverz as "a true emotional roller coaster of navigating one's feelings. . . Raw experiences and emotionally driven lyrics rule the album."

Leftoverz is only Pointless Effortz's most recent project. In November, he released Bh4pH – Burning Haze 4 Pointless Hours in collaboration with his cousin Haze of STK. Next year, he aims to release more collaborations with Rusty Joints, Hivemind, and the second installment to PvP's (Pointless vs. Primestyle) Game Over series. On February 19th, expect to see Pointless at QXT for a music showcase in honor of The Record Keeper's lead singer, Juliana.

This incredible work ethic is meant to emulate that of Jersey MC, Starz Coleman.

"His grind has brought him around the likes of some of today's most elite and famous rappers. It's inspiring to see the NJ rap scene elevate, especially as a New Yorker living out here. I'm noticing certain grinds separate the mice and the men."

To add to his workload, Pointless performs all over Jersey. Despite his experience, nerves do creep up. He uses humor to calm himself before performances.

"When my friends notice my nerves, I pretend to throw up and start singing Eniminem 'his palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy, there's vomit on his sweater already, mom's spaghetti.'"

Pointless balances his rap career with fatherhood but has never struggled to meet the demands of each.

"Navigating music and fatherhood was second nature. I'm the eldest of 5 and have always looked out for my siblings. My children became battery packs to my music, and not only are they your number one fans they are also your number one critics. I'm no longer trying to impress my rap fans; I'm trying to see if I can make my kids move."

Pointless's children make guest appearances on the Bh4pH cover art and the Rage Room music video.

Other than his children, Pointless hopes his music and writing will be his legacy. His primary career goal is to be remembered as a great writer. He hopes to hear his music on rotation on the radio and have groups of people randomly sing in unison because they vibe with the music.

"Success is making a real difference in the lives of my family and the communities that helped raise me. If I can pay any of it forward to the next generation by spreading positive messages to the masses, showing people different routes, and helping people smile and feel good. That's all I want."

Pointless Effortz aims high with Leftoverz without fear because his life motto turns nihilism upside down.

"Everything is pointless, that's the motto. Go live your life, do right by others and receive the rewards. If shit fails, fuck it, it doesn't matter anyway."

Stream Leftoverz on all platforms on December 22, 2022.

Follow Pointless Effortz on Instagram and TikTok.

Keep up with Pointless Effortz's latest projects here.

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