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100 Discussions to Celebrate

Nine days short of an entire year, this is officially my 100th blog post!

I have been planning this blog for years; the design and content style went through millions of iterations before anything even came to fruition. Despite harboring the skills, talent, and discipline to run a blog, I spent years thinking I could not do this. I worried that no one would want to read my words. I worried that writing, as a dying art, would be too hard to promote and make the statement I wished. Luckily, I was wrong. I never thought I could write about everything I love and gain a following. Although I started writing without a specific point of view, I found my niche once I realized I could use my platform to highlight how media makes political statements by promoting inclusion and representation. It combined my love for media with my belief that inclusion and representation are integral to fostering love and understanding in our society. Writing about food may seem arbitrary on a blog about media and representation, but it stems from my love of watching food networks and other food-related media. Food is another way to show love and connect, which is why it is the center of most holidays and special occasions. Making the food found in media is another way to connect with my favorite movies and tv shows. Most importantly, food helps unite people of different cultures and backgrounds, making it another way to promote love and understanding in our society. The health section of my blog is underdeveloped because it is a form of personal growth for me. Although I'm an avid watcher of medical shows, my fear of doctors and medical professionals is no secret. I became a great writer because I used it as a source of therapy to work through my issues. I hope that working through my problems in a public forum will help someone else through their journey. At a minimum, it'll remind someone somewhere that they're not alone in their struggles. The monthly featured artist is one of my absolute favorite improvements on the blog. Finding others who are just as passionate about their art as I am about mine is one of the best things to come from the blog. Although I conduct my interviews from behind a screen on the comfort of my couch, the great sense of community I've managed to create is fantastic. Getting to tell the stories of such a diverse group of artists who are unbelievably passionate about their craft has been a privilege I didn't know I could have. Despite all the great moments of my life I've been able to share on the blog, there are times when I need a breather. I work a full-time job, have a social life, a boyfriend, a pet, and a requirement to adult, and I have to do it all while maintaining my mental and physical health and writing for this blog. There have been times when it's been overwhelming, and I need a break. Most people don't read them, but the monthly rewinds give me a much-needed break. It's easy to compose, allowing me to let my creative juices flow by showcasing my photoshop skills to make a monthly collage. Even when I need a break, I would not change a thing about all the ups and downs that have gone into writing this blog. All my effort is worth it for every view, comment, like, and share I get. I am eternally grateful to every person who tunes in twice a week. I hope for 100 more posts, many more artist interviews, many more meals to cook, and many silly collages. Most importantly, I want to keep spreading my message of love, positivity, kindness, representation, and inclusion.

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