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Winter Calls

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

Just on the cusp of Christmas weekend and in the middle of Hanukkah, the Winter Solstice has decided to grace us with its presence. While I try to warm up my overworked fingers during the tortures of the cold temperature, please enjoy this poem about all the beauty winter has to offer.

Fallen leaves wisp away with earth's cold winds

Naked trees carve into the skyline

Sunlight cowers behind the moon sooner taking the last of summer’s warmth with it

Snow drapes dresses upon dead foliage

Elegance blankets the Earth

Clouds of warm breaths escaped from our bodies texture the air

Men made of nature's frozen fluff nurtured into life

Seeking warmth we burrow in our homes sipping hot cocoa

Every piece of skin covered in the name of heat conservation

Rosy cheeked and chapped lipped we endure it all

Because winter calls

Now whether you love it or hate it, Winter is here, so find the good in it somehow.

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