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The Importance of Comfort Shows

The school year is beginning, which can mean not having enough time to enjoy the newest shows and resorting to your favorite comfort shows.

I may have been out of school for a few years, but the need for comfort shows never disappears. A comfort show is a tv show that you have binged so many times you know just about everything that happens. Having that knowledge makes it a casual and easy watch. I would play my comfort shows while doing homework or chores in the same way some people listen to music. I read somewhere that repeatedly watching the same shows can signify anxiety. Watching comfort shows helps relieve stress and can bring back a sense of nostalgia from happier times.

In my extensive tv watching, I have compiled a few comfort shows, preferably happy narritve-based comedy shows. Some of my comfort shows are New Girl, Gilmore Girls, The Ranch, One Day at a Time, and Jane the Virgin. I also like watching competition shows like Project Runway, Chopped, Guys Grocery Games, and Ink Master.

But my favorite comfort show, the one I watch most often, the one I know every plot point and has dramatically affected my life and personality, is Grey's Anatomy.

Grey's Anatomy first aired in 2005, when I was only seven years old and will premiere its 19th season on October 6th. The first episode I saw of Grey's was from season 8, the plane crash. I've been hooked ever since. I've binged watched the entire series so many times I've lost count.

Watching Grey's has helped me through numerous painful moments and celebrate happy ones. It's become more than just a comfort show to me. The character's actions, conversations, and speeches have become thoroughly ingrained into my personality to the point where it's almost embarrassing to admit that to the entire internet.

Whenever I hear Christina tell Meredith that Derek is not the sun, I am reminded never to diminish my greatness for a man. Part of the reason I'm with my boyfriend is that I took Mark Sloan's deathbed advice, "If you love somebody, you tell them, even if you're scared it will cause problems or burn your life to the ground. Say it loud and go from there." Dr. Bailey gives me the confidence to excel in all parts of life– just because I'm a petite woman of color doesn't mean I need to be quiet. Webber showed me that sometimes love is not enough; sometimes, your career is just as essential, and constant work has to occur to find the perfect balance. Karev and Meredith taught me what it means to be strong and a great friend.

I could go on and on about how Callie taught me to search for joy and how each character has taught me a life lesson I will never forget. I'm even watching Grey's Anatomy right now as I write this. It's calming and exciting enough that I can feel like I'm watching tv, but my familiarity with it makes it not so distracting that I can't complete my writing task.

Grey's Anatomy and my countless other comfort shows have kept me sane for years. I hope everyone has comfort shows that help them as much as mine has helped me. With school starting and seasonal depression approaching for many people, comfort shows are one of the many things that can keep anxiety, panic, and discomfort at bay. I urge everyone to check their streaming accounts and confirm what platform to find their favorite shows. Everything may feel like a good change of pace now, but sometimes it can be overwhelming, and that's okay as long as you have the tools to help you.

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