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Reliving Childhood Memories at the Big Time Rush Concert

I started June by going to my favorite musician's concert with my best friend and ended it by seeing one of her favorite musicians.

My friend Nana and I went to see Ed Sheeran at the beginning of June, and I was so happy I could cry. At the end of the month, she and I went to see Big Time Rush at the PNC Bank Arts Center, and she was so happy she could cry.

Although I don't actively follow Big Time Rush and their music, now, when I was in middle school, I watched every episode of the Nickelodeon show of the same name. I listened to every song and memorized every plot point. Then, the show ended, the band broke up, and their music faded into the back of my brain where all my childhood memories lie.

This was not the case for Nana, though. She not only watched the show, she wanted to attend their concerts when they toured, but it never happened. When the band broke up, she kept listening and was giddy when they reunited in 2021 and released their fourth album, Another Life, in 2023. Finally, as an adult amidst the stress of studying for her MCATs, Nana had the opportunity to see Big Time Rush in concert as part of their Can't Get Enough Tour.

Because I wasn't familiar with their music, I had to study. Nana sent me a Big Time Rush playlist, and I listened to it every day for almost the entire month of June. To George's dismay, from the day after the Ed Sheeran concert to just moments before the Big Time Rush concert, I replayed the playlist repeatedly to familiarize myself with the music and learn the lyrics.

Older songs from the tv show were much easier because the lyrics were stored in the back of my mind. It brought back nostalgic memories of singing along to the series in the top bunk of my childhood bedroom with my little sister. Newer songs were harder to learn but not too difficult because the lyricism and genre were similar to the older ones. Eventually, it felt like no time had passed. That joyous feeling I felt when I sang along in my old bedroom returned when I sang along while washing dishes or showering in my apartment.

The day arrived, and despite some personal issues with my ferret getting sick, I was still cautiously excited. Nana and I arrived a little late, so we had to park about a twelve-minute walk away, but parking was free, which was nice. We followed the crowd to the stage, where we paid for overpriced waters and fumbled with rented chairs looking for a spot on the packed lawn.

We missed Max's set but arrived just before Jax went on stage and realized we knew more of her songs than we thought. Eventually, it was time for the main event; Logan, Kendall, Carlos, and James rose from below the stage, and Nana transformed into the biggest fan girl I'd ever seen. She was so enthralled she didn't notice anything going on around her. It was a childhood dream come true for her.

I sang along to as many songs as possible and danced to the ones I didn't know. Although I was never going to be as enthralled as Nana, the atmosphere's joy and happiness was contagious, so I couldn't help but enjoy myself.

From the light show, the dance moves, and the vocals, it was an excellent show. They brought fans up on stage for their performance of Worldwide. Someone proposed, and the crowd went wild when she said yes. Even after standing for over an hour, the walk back to the car was filled with happy fans still singing Big Time Rush songs. It was a great nostalgic departure from the realities of our adult lives.

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