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Poem - Sincerely, A Desperate Writer

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

Dear whomever it may concern,

Please tell me that it won’t always burn;

that feeling in my gut

telling me I’m not enough.

That feeling in my head

telling me to ask someone else to do it instead.

Because me,

Who am I to think I could succeed?

Who am I to think I could be any different?

Another statistic pursing a futile interest,

thinking I could be the one to make it

has left me feeling tragic.

Please tell me you have the answers.

Serve them up on a silver platter

like the key in the back of the book.

Answers that give me a brighter outlook,

tell me how to remove this tumor of doubt

that lives comfortably using my brain as its house.

Because me

I’m tired of feeling like I lack ability.

I’m tired of all these damn questions.

Trust me there's no need for so much discretion!

Just reveal those dirty little secrets,

Give me all the tools, all the ingredients!

Please tell me, I’m begging now.

I swear, I promise, I vow

to use it wisely

or am I just asking stupidly?

Do you even have the answers to the questions I’m asking?

Maybe like me you know nothing . . .

Like me,

you’re lost walking blindly

searching for answers that don’t exist.

Well ain't that a twist.

Guess, I should keep working hard, being a fighter.

Sincerely, a desperate writer

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