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Poem: I Am Stressed Out

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

Insecure and fragile, walking around with a façade of confidence that somehow borders on truth

Ambitiously aiming for goals that feel both increasingly unattainable and just one breakthrough from happening

Meticulously scheduling my days to achieve optimum productivity, then failing miserably to follow it in the name of joy and mental health

Silently suffering with the screaming thoughts running through my head every minute of every day

Tiptoeing through experiences trying to relish in life's brief moments of happiness so they're not overshadowed by darkness

Repeating my mantra over and over again, hoping that if I hear it enough, I'll believe it

Everything will be okay in the end

Stiff fingers with unmanicured nails clicking and clacking away on an old keyboard, writing words that your own loved ones won't read

Stiff joints clicking and cracking with every movement I make while I muster the best smile that hides my pain

Everything will be okay in the end

Damaris Chanza, my name on a byline and an about the author section is the dream, the goal but not at the cost of my sanity

Optimistically I know my words are laced with hyperbole, and my smile shines brighter today than it ever has in the past

Ultimately rediscovering my happiness after a fit of distress is an extraordinary feeling

That sigh of relief when the storm has passed brings truth to "everything will be okay in the end"

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