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World Poetry Day : The Storm Inside

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

Feeling gravity's touch on my shoulders

Spine following the curve of my frown

Few words escaped my lips

Whispered so no one can hear

How mean I am to myself

The chaos in my mind follows me

Pushing to expose itself to the light

Dimming everything in sight

Even the former joys

Laughter disappeared into the darkness

Smile, lost in the sea of intrusive thoughts

Stuck in the eye of the storm pouring rain down dimpled cheeks

Sunshine and rainbows just out of reach

Diving deeper only causes more pain

Fighting it only causes more pain

How do I fight my own voice?

My brain screaming scary lies so loud they sound like truths

Like a siren forcing me to succumb

Sonically similar but unrecognizable as my own

These are not my words

Sinister and cruel?

That is not me

This is not who I am.

But maybe the storm will clear tomorrow.

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