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July 2023 Rewind

Did you miss any of my blog posts this month? Don’t worry; I’m always here to keep you caught up!

July has reminded me that being passionate about something means sacrificing others. Carving out my time for my passion and socializing with family and friends has been more difficult than ever, especially with unexpected emergencies arising. My ferret Ellie had respiratory issues and was diagnosed with pneumonia. Her rigid medicine and nebulizing schedule completely interrupted my regular writing schedule. Then scheduling the summer birthdays, cookouts, and beach days around the endless rainy weather has been chaos. With all the havoc, I did have to make the difficult decision to skip one of my blog posts.

Despite the sacrifices, writing has always been my passion, so I completed most of my blog posts. My best friend Nana and I went to see one of her favorite musicians, Big Time Rush. George and I finally cooked the tri-tip, taking up room in our freezer, and made the most delicious sandwiches.

I watched Kevin Hart’s new comedy special and thought it was hilarious. I also watched Netflix’s new animated movie, Nimona, and was pleasantly surprised by how great it was.

My July Featured Artist article has been months in the making. CECE CAMACHO is a talented cartoonist and musician with a ruthless work ethic that helped her create a sizable catalog.

One of the most important events this month was that the actors union, SAG-AFTRA, went on strike alongside the writers union, WGA. Actors are demanding regulated AI usage and fair residuals. With both unions on strike, actors and writers have paused Hollywood productions entirely.

Reliving Childhood Memories at the Big Time Rush Concert

I started June by going to my favorite musician's concert with my best friend and ended it by seeing one of her favorite musicians.

Making a Picture Perfect Tri-Tip Sandwich

Sometimes the most straightforward recipes are the most delicious, which was the case for this tri-tip sandwich.

Kevin Hart’s New Special Reality Check is Comedy Gold

Kevin Hart returns to the stage with another hilarious comedy special, Reality Check.

Talented Artist CECE CAMACHO Heals Herself and Others Through Her Art

Cartoonist and musician CECE CAMACHO started creating art to heal herself and decided to share her healing process with others.

Actors Join Writers on the Picket Lines as SAG-AFTRA Goes on Strike Too

Actors have joined writers on the picket lines and have successfully shut down Hollywood productions for the first time in decades.

Nimona’s Storytelling Nuances Make it Unpredictably Unique

Netflix's new animated film, Nimona, tells a predictable story in an unpredictable way.

Now that you’re all caught up, be sure to stay tuned to keep up with more discussions with me, Damaris!

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