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Bob Saget's 66th Birthday

Bob Saget would have turned 66 years old today, but a head injury took him too soon.

Bob Saget was a comedian, actor, and television host. Unfortunately, he died earlier this year on January 9th of blunt head trauma likely caused by a fall. His death came as a surprise to everyone and was publically announced without explanation. His family had every right to withhold such information regardless of his celebrity. However, the lack of knowledge can feel like a lack of closure for his fans, and the curiosity can overshadow the grieving process.

His family must still be grieving, especially today, his birthday. Birthdays are a time of celebration. I thought I would take this time to share some of my memories of Bob Saget. I want to share how his glorious life helped shape mine.

I have always had a terrible time keeping a consistent sleep schedule. My parents didn't monitor whether or not I was sleeping at night, so I watched a lot of television with the volume on low. That's not to say they didn't know I was up watching TV; it just made me feel like I was being sneaky. Full House marathons played every night on Nick at Nite. The episodes were sequential, thus giving me something to look forward to every night. Danny Tanner's obsessive cleanliness helped me learn how to be clean. He taught me about kindness and watching him make parenting mistakes helped me realize that my parents don't have all the answers, so I shouldn't expect them to.

When I started habitually researching actors and behind-the-scenes facts about the shows they're in, I looked up Bob Saget. I was shocked to find out he was a vulgar comedian. So much so that the child actor's parents on Full House constantly scolded him and the other adult actors for being too crude and raunchy in front of the children.

In my research, I came across a clip of Farce of the Penguins, a parody nature documentary directed, written, starring, and produced by Bob Saget. I saw penguins waddling around and jokes I would never think to associate with Danny Tanner. It was hilarious. It was like I had graduated to the adult version of Bob Saget. I was reintroduced to his persona. He reminded me that nearing adulthood didn't mean I had to take myself so seriously.

Admittedly, I didn't follow Bob Saget's career as diligently as I have some other celebrities. I know him mainly as Danny Tanner. The only time I ever watched America's Funniest Home Videos was when Bob Saget was hosting. The clips didn't seem as funny without his commentary, and I've only ever seen clips of his standup comedy tours. Overall, Bob Saget has only been in my life in passing, but his presence has significantly impacted my life. I can't imagine how great of an effect his presence could have on his hardcore fans and family.

I hope sharing my good memories of Bob Saget helps remind everyone of theirs. In celebration of his birthday, I urge everyone to share their favorite memories of him.

Happy Birthday Bob Saget.

The world misses you.

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