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Prioritizing Birthday Week With Family

Updated: May 27, 2022

Some people have holiday-related family traditions. Maybe you cut down a tree for Christmas or find the golden egg on Easter Sunday. Every April, my family celebrates Birthday Week.

Birthday Week lands between the 17 and the 26 of April. My siblings and I look forward to Birthday Week every year. It's a week filled with cake, food, and family.

My little cousin starts birthday week on the 17th. His Sonic, the Hedgehog-themed birthday party had an Easter egg hunt this year since it coincided with the holiday this year. Unfortunately, I had to leave early to attend another birthday party but videos from the rest of the night showed he loved his cake and enjoyed the rest of the party.

Today starts the middle leg of birthday week, including my dad and my sister. My immediate family has its traditions for our respective birthdays. My dad always gets a homemade sugar-free birthday cake and sushi for dinner. My siblings and I collaborate on making his cake every year. One year we used aluminum foil to shape his cake into the capital letter E, his first initial. We have this fancy sushi set that I won in a raffle in high school that we used to class up our dinner. I say class up as if we aren't all in our pajamas while eating dinner.

I love spending time with my family during birthday week. With Easter, multiple birthdays, a dentist appointment this past weekend, and today's birthday traditions, I failed to choose an exciting topic and angle for today's blog post. I was initially going to release a statement about being too busy and feeling a little creatively blocked, but I decided against it. I am feeling a little creatively blocked, and it's getting harder every day to find the inspiration and motivation to create. I'm not necessarily too busy, but I am prioritizing my family and our traditions this week. It's a bit of a mental health break.

Today, I don't want to spend time behind my computer trying to string words together coherently and interestingly. I don't want to spend time on photoshop editing the perfect image to draw attention to this post on Instagram and Facebook. Today, I want to bake a cake for my dad and celebrate his birthday with him.

Happy Birthday, Papi!

Papi's 2018 Birthday Celebration

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