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August 2023 Rewind

Did you miss any of my blog posts this month? Don’t worry; I’m always here to keep you caught up!

August was a big month for me. I turned 25. I looked back on what it means to me to be a writer, and it reminded me of why I'm so passionate about my craft and helped me realign my actions to reach my goals. On my birthday, I helped make the most delicious penne vodka for my friends. After so many years of friendship, having them sit at the dinner table eating a home-cooked meal like a family felt like a privilege.

Meanwhile, SAG-AFTRA clearly defined their stance during the strike and explained how others could help. Because I firmly stand with the actors and writers' strike, I decided to abide by their suggestion and stop writing about movies or TV shows, which meant adjusting the blog's content.

With the chaos of my life and the sudden changes, I don't know how I made it happen, but I did.

Inspired by the drama surrounding Ariana Grande's relationship status and Lizzo's lawsuit, I wrote about the possibility of loving an artist's work without loving the artist as a person. I thought about how the lack of working scriptwriters means producers might turn to books for guides or inspiration for film adaptations. However, I know it's not a perfect translation from one medium to another, so I questioned how close film adaptations should be to their source material.

My August Featured Artist was BarsUp Dinero. Through his music and new clothing line, he turns his emotions into works of art and has built a supportive community of family and friends around him.

Eventually, the stress of life, work, family, and maintaining this blog got to me, and I wrote a poem entitled I Am Stressed Out.

Discussions with Damaris August 2023 Rewind

How True Should Movie or TV Adaptations Stick To Their Source Material?

Nowadays, there are countless film and TV adaptions of books and video games, but how true should these adaptions stick to their source material?

Reflecting on my Relationship with Writing For My Birthday

Today is my 25th birthday, and it's incredible how much media has affected my life.

Announcement: Some Changes Are Coming to the Blog

I stand with SAG-AFTRA and WGA, so there will be some changes to the blog.

Helping Make Penne Vodka For Our Chosen Family

It's no secret that food and family are practically synonymous and a home-cooked meal makes it all the more special.

Is It Possible To Separate The Art From The Artist?

With so many allegations surrounding countless people, as fans, how are we supposed to separate art from the artist?

Poem: I Am Stressed Out

A Poem by Damaris Chanza about the stresses of trying to achieve your goals

BarsUp Dinero Uses His Creativity to Process His Emotions

Through his music and apparel line, BarsUp Dinero has found the perfect creative outlets to channel his emotions.

Now that you’re all caught up, be sure to stay tuned to keep up with more discussions with me, Damaris!

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