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Halloween Flyer

By Damaris Chanza

This is the mock up for a print Halloween flyer. The variations show the progression of changes made to increase contrast while maintaining a cohesive concept and remaining on theme.

Sample 1

The original design includes a black patterned background and a smokey cauldron in the foreground. All important information is written in a lime green font meant to simulate smoke. When printed there is not enough contrast between the background and the foreground.

Sample 2

The cauldron is grey in attempt to increase contrast between the background and foreground. There is still not enough contrast for print. 

Sample 3

The cauldron changes color again. There is enough contrast between the background and the foreground. However, the pattern in the background, some of the smoke, and the cauldron's shadow do not appear in print.


Sample 4

The overall flyer is simplified, removing the background pattern and lightening the background making it grey. The previously disappearing parts of smoke are slightly darkened. The color of the cauldron is changed again for contrast purposes. The cauldron's shadow is removed. 

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