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Season 7 of Workin' Moms Brings the Show to a Hilariously Heartwarming Conclusion

Workin’ Moms comes to a hilarious conclusion with one of its funniest seasons yet.

Workin’ Moms premiered in 2017 but became globally available on Netflix in 2019 during season three. The show follows a group of friends dealing with the challenges of motherhood while balancing other relationships and working towards successful careers. As their children grew up, the show became more about finding a sense of self outside of motherhood.

Season 7 wraps up each character’s arc in a satisfying way.

The season starts with Anne, played by Dani Kind, and Kate, played by show creator Catherine Reitman, reconciling their friendship. During that same call, Anne gets hit by a car, with the driver being her former psychiatric patient. Instead of pressing charges and falling into a fit of rage like we’ve seen her do many times before, Anne feels exhilarated by the near-death experience and searches for ways to feel the same adrenaline rush.

Kate is still struggling to keep her PR business afloat. She receives a new potential pharmaceutical client in Ram, played by Ginny & Georgia alum Raymond Black. She pitches every angle to market their new male birth control, and her husband Nate, played by Philip Sternberg, signs up to try it.

Sloane, played by Enuka Okuma, is ready to return to work, eager to prove that she does not need maternity leave. However, bringing her son to work daily distracts her male coworkers, and constant multi-tasking makes her feel like she’s failing on all fronts.

Although she’s made her living catering to mothers and babies, Val, played by Sarah McVie, struggles to find her groove as a grandmother. She continues to find ways to reestablish her position as a baby whisperer.

Jenny, played by Jessalyn Wanlim, quit her job and left her boyfriend last season, giving her space to start fresh, but she keeps falling back into old habits.

With each character, the show reworks real-life problems into comedy gold. Every absurd dialogue or prop is rooted in critical real-world issues. The “cumsicles” result from Kate’s genuine concern for her stepson’s sanity. The vibrating zombie head prototype scene results from a need to remain sexually satisfied in a long-term committed relationship. The dick throne results from Anne’s desire to break generational trauma and give her daughter a better relationship with sex than her mother gave her.

Another significant aspect of this season was the flashbacks. We were given a glimpse of each mom with their parents. Watching those dynamics and how they affect each mom’s relationships ultimately brings the show to a satisfying conclusion.

Anne is a control freak because her mom makes her feel scared of the world, and in the finale, she learns to let go. Kate worked tirelessly to succeed in search of magic but realized she had it all along. Sloane was forced to be independent when her mother passed but learned to trust her new boo and prioritize her wants and needs first. Jenny’s mother didn’t prioritize certain good personality traits, but when she saw her daughter exhibiting similar bad characteristics, Jenny knew it was time to change.

It can be easy to remember Workin’ Moms for its moments of pure unadulterated comedy, but those scenes always come with a side of sincerity and heart. Throughout its seven-season run, the show has truly encapsulated how hard moms work to balance every aspect of life; to be a good mom, wife, friend, boss, and person.

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