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Writing About Media Is Not As Frivolous As It May Seem

Many don't understand the importance or gravity of what I do. So, I thought I'd take some time to explain it.

With this blog, I have a platform, albeit a small one, that allows me to discuss various topics and have someone somewhere read and listen to what I have to say. So why do I use this platform to talk about something as seemingly frivolous as movies, tv shows, food, and music? Why not talk about important topics like politics, the overturning of Roe v. Wade, the inevitability of climate change, hate crimes, ways to prevent mass shootings, or bring awareness to cancer or domestic violence?

The answer is simple – I don't know enough about those topics to speak on them with much authority and intelligence. I could put hours of research in and become well acquainted with one of these topics, but honestly, I would be bored. I believe the political climate affects us as individuals more than we care to admit, and the overturning of Roe v Wade will lead to dangerous repercussions for women. I believe we need to protect our planet, or we will lose it, and people should have mutual respect for one another regardless of race or religion. I think acquiring guns is too easy, and subjects like cancer and domestic violence need more advocates. However, as much as I believe these topics are essential and should be discussed more often, there are people out there that are ten times more interested, educated, and well equipped to inform others.

I am passionate about movies, tv shows, food, and music. I believe that movies, tv shows, food, and music connect us all, and they are not frivolous.

When the pandemic hit and the world transformed into something unrecognizable, the monotony of our daily routines changed; we all searched for something that made us feel alive again. We searched for something to distract us from our cage-like homes and connect us to the people we wished we could hug. Movies, tv shows, food, and music did just that. It connected us.

Movies and Tv shows distracted us, reminded us of happier times, and gave us something we could virtually do with friends without meeting in person. Food kept us alive in the nutritional sense, but we also learned to appreciate it an entirely new way. With the ability to taste and smell taken from people, everyone began to cherish those abilities more than ever before. Music allowed an escape from all the havoc. These "frivolous" things gave us a reason to keep going and living.

More importantly, I believe movies, tv shows, food, and music, can help bring attention to crucial topics in a way that is palatable to people who may not necessarily be seeking to learn about said topics. People research their favorite actors, musicians, and recipes more often than they research the best steps to decrease their carbon footprint. It may not be the best fact of life, but it's true. At the very least, movies remind us of simple, valuable, easily forgotten lessons.

For me, it's about art. Many people put a lot of work into making a movie or tv show - directors, producers, actors, set designers, costume designers, writers, editors, and more. The same goes for people who make music videos or make beautiful, delicious food that connects people across continents. It's all art. More importantly, it's so commonly consumed on a massive scale that it's underappreciated art. I write about it because I believe bringing attention to art makes the world brighter and happier and gives us a mental break we need to fight for all the essential topics.

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