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September 2022 Rewind

Did you miss any of my blog posts this month? Don't worry; I'm always here to keep you caught up!

September has flown by remarkably quickly. I started the month with a movie review and watched the movie Labor Day celebration of the holiday by the same name. Being so busy, I thought about comfort shows making it easier to enjoy media while working nonstop. I focused on some great authors this month. I reminisced about how Roald Dahl's work inspired my career choices and researched poetry with Rupi Kaur's book, The Sun and her Flowers.

September 15th marked the start of Hispanic Heritage Month and a month of posts celebrating Hispanic culture and achievements in media. I started with Hispanic representation and stereotypes in media. I also shared in making one of my boyfriend's favorite foods, his mother's arepas.

This month's featured artist was Mirza, a Puerto Rican woman making her music and business dreams come true. We discussed her upcoming EP, "Highway to Heartbreak," and how it will lead into her album "Welcome to Heartbreak."

Like the Holiday, Labor Day is an Odd Movie

With Labor Day weekend approaching, I thought I'd watch a movie that shares a name with the holiday.

Rupi Kaur’s The Sun and her Flowers Evokes Great Emotion With Its Simplicity

The Sun and her Flowers by Rupi Kaur is an excellent example of how books can evoke the same level of emotion as movies, tv shows, or music.

The Importance of Comfort Shows

The school year is beginning, which can mean not having enough time to enjoy the newest shows and resorting to your favorite comfort shows.

Roald Dahl’s Work Inspired My Career

Today is Roald Dahl's birthday, and I would love to share how his work helped me fall in love with writing.

Hispanic Representation in Media

The oddly timed beginning of Hispanic Heritage Month is upon us, and there’s no better way to start celebrating than highlighting Hispanic characters in media.

Mirza's EP "Highway to Heartbreak" Is Only The Beginning Of Her Success

Mirza's EP, "Highway to Heartbreak," is about reflecting on her journey to heartbreak and setting up for her album "Welcome to Heartbreak."

Seven Hispanic Stereotypes in Media

Subtle or not, Hispanic stereotypes run rampant in every form of business, but they are not as prevalent as in movies and tv shows.

Making Homemade Colombian Arepas

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month means thinking about all the fantastic food our culture offers.

Now that you’re all caught up be sure to stay tuned to keep up with more discussions with me, Damaris!

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