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Reflecting on 2021

Updated: May 27, 2022

With the New Year approaching, everyone starts reflecting and creating resolutions. It's a time-honored tradition that we've all taken part in, even if only subconsciously.

I thought I would take some time this year to formally reflect on my time during 2021.

In January, I started a new job after quitting somewhere I felt unfulfilled despite loving the people there. It wasn't the first time I had switched jobs, but it was the first time I had quit while still on good terms with the people around me. The entire experience was nerve-racking, but ultimately it was a decision I am pleased with.

In February, the search for a house began again. My parent's new house, that is. We fell on icy driveways and laughed at the odd placement of home appliances. My siblings and I argued over potential room arrangements and scrunched our noses at strangely colored carpets. It was an exciting adventure.

In March, my parents purchased their first home. Thus, started what felt like the never-ending process of packing up our apartment. Cleaning out junk drawers and finding things that have been lost for years. I had to prep all the animals for the 2hour car ride to the new house. I remember countless trips to Home Depot to get things I had never thought I'd need, like paint samples, a toilet paper holder, wood filler, and so many more.

In April, we moved. We had to put everything in place then move it again to a better location. I've relocated plenty of times in my life, but moving to a new house that's yours is entirely different from moving to a new apartment.

In May, I went on a private airplane ride over New York City. It was beautiful, and I have never been so terrified in my life to feel every shift in wind affect flight. It was an experience I will never forget. Especially since I was able to share it with my boyfriend. I may have been terrified, but he was mesmerized.

In June, my first lyric video was published on Jay Valeyo's YouTube channel. Its success was reassuring of my capabilities, reducing my imposter syndrome. I also had the privilege of watching my little brother walk across the stage to receive his diploma. I was so proud.

In July, I was swamped. There were birthdays and freelance jobs and searching for furniture. I had work, and I had lots of fun dates. My family from Puerto Rico also came to visit. A lot was going on.

In August, I sprained my ankle on my birthday. Enough said.

In September, I started physical therapy for my sprained ankle. It was difficult, and it was also helpful.

In October, I spent all month prepping for my family's Halloween party. I continued physical therapy and was upgraded from mobility training to strength training. Everything felt to be moving very slowly.

In November, I finally finished physical therapy. My grandmother came to visit from Puerto Rico. My website for 4M Aviation was finally published, and its success was even more reassuring of my capabilities. I had my fantastic food tour anniversary. The food at Thanksgiving was terrific as always. A day all about food and family is my kind of holiday.

In December, I did so much. I launched my own website and blog that I've been prepping all year. I took full advantage of the house and decorated every public space for Christmas. The idea of Christmas was on my mind all month, and I was incredibly excited about it. I spent Christmas with my boyfriend's family, and it was so much fun.

With the New Year approaching, the most I could ask for is to stay committed to the things that make me as happy as I have in 2021. I hope to continue spending time with the people I love. I hope to continue to grow my career by writing for my blog and completing more media projects. Overall, I hope to find more things that make me happy and learn how to find the positive in the things that don't.

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