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Pride Month: Highlighting Some Of My Favorite Drag Queens

It's Pride Month, so why not highlight some of my favorite drag queens?

June is Pride Month, where the LGBTQIA+ community and their allies celebrate their queerness and individuality, intending to achieve equality and acceptance. Pride Month also honors the 1969 Stonewall Riots, started by Marsha P. Johnson, an activist for transgender youth and a drag queen. Considering that a drag queen started it all, why not celebrate some fantastic drag queens working today?

Drag is art. People can argue all day long about it, and lord knows they do, but drag is an art form. Anyone who can sing, dance, perform, write, act, masterfully apply their makeup, and ultimately transform themselves from average Joes to full-blown glamazons is an artist. Like any art form, drag is a spectrum where some are kid-friendly, and some aren't, but that doesn't mean it's "dangerous." It's subjective – you know like all art is.

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding drag queens lately. Political debates about the danger drag queens pose to children when it was learned that some queens host kid-friendly story hours have been all over the news. This debate threatens the livelihood of drag queens, making it all the more important to shine a light on drag queens spreading positivity and kindness while looking absolutely fabulous.

My exposure to drag queens is the Emmy-winning show Ru Paul's Drag Race which is why the entire list is drag race alum. In no particular order, here are some of my favorite drag queens.

Coco Montrese

Drag Race: Season 5/5th Place

All Stars: Season 2/10th Place

Coco is a pageant queen focusing on drag's beauty and sophistication side. Since her time on Drag Race, Coco has had a stint as a Las Vegas showgirl. She continues to share the art of drag by teaching the next generation as a drag mother.

Shea Couleé

Drag Race: Season 9/3rd Place

All Stars: Season 5/Winner, Season 7 (All Winners)/3rd Place

Shea has described her drag as a love letter to black women. Since her time on Drag Race, Shea has released an EP and a podcast and modeled on the cover of multiple magazines. She uses her drag to advocate for queer people of color and trans women of color.


Drag Race: host/ producer

All Stars: host/producer

RuPaul is probably one of the most commercially successful drag queens as a musician, actor, and model. The drag universe she's created has had multiple spin-offs, won countless awards, and established a platform for the underrepresented queer community.

Jinx Monsoon

Drag Race: Season 5/Winner

All Stars: Season 7 (All Winners)/Winner

Jinx Monsoon is an actor, singer, and comedian. Since her time on Drag Race, Jinx has released a holiday special and two albums and was cast in a Broadway musical and the newest series iteration of Doctor Who. She uses her drag to advocate for LGBT equality.


Drag Race: Season 6/5th Place, Miss Congeniality

All Stars: Season 3/ 6th place after self-elimination

BenDeLaCreme is known as one of the kindest drag queens creating drag herstory when she eliminated herself from RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars because she couldn't fathom eliminating her fellow queens. Since her time on Drag Race, DeLa has earned producing and directing credits through her production company, BenDeLaCreme Presents.

Trixie Mattel

Drag Race: Season 7/6th Place

All Stars: Season 3/Winner

Trixie Mattel gained most of her popularity outside Drag Race as a YouTube Creator. Since her time on Drag Race, she has created Trixie Cosmetics, become co-owner of Wisconsin's oldest bar, and opened Trixie Motel and has many projects. She is also a country-folk singer and avid Barbie collector.


Drag Race: Season 2/3rd Place

All Stars: Season 1/3rd Place, Season 5/Runner-up

Jujubee is one of the most beautiful drag queens I've ever seen, probably due to her background as a makeup artist. She has been a beloved member of the Drag Race universe as part of Drag U. Queen of the Universe, the UK vs. the World, and Secret Celebrity Drag Race. Jujubee has released 2 EPs outside the Drag Race universe and appears on podcasts, web series, and music videos.

Bob The Drag Queen

Drag Race: Season 8/Winner

All Stars: n/a

Bob The Drag Queen is a comedian, actor, activist, and musician. Since her time on Drag Race, Bob has focused on advocating for the queer community as a co-host of We're Here on HBO. One of her most popular songs is Purse First.

Alyssa Edwards

Drag Race: Season 5/6th Place

All Stars: Season 2/5th Place

Alyssa Edwards is best known as a pageant queen with numerous titles. Since her time on Drag Race, Alyssa has released a makeup palette and starred in a one-woman show. Her loud Alyssa-isms and tongue pops are instantly recognizable.

Ginger Minj

Drag Race: Season 7/Runner-up

All Stars: Season 6/Runner-up

Ginger Minj is one of the funniest and most multi-talented drag queens I've seen. Since her time on Drag Race, Ginger has released three studio albums, made multiple tv and film appearances, and acted in theatre performances. She uses her platform as a drag queen to advocate for body positivity.

Eureka O'Hara

Drag Race: Season 9/11th Place due to injury, Season 10/Runner-up

All Stars: Season 6/Runner-up

Eureka O'Hara has nicknamed herself "The Elephant Queen" to support body positivity. Since her time on Drag Race, Eureka has advocated for the queer community as co-host of We're Here on HBO. She has released music and made tv and web series appearances.

Shangela Laquifa Wadley

Drag Race: Season 2/12th Place, Season 3/6th Place

All Stars: Season 3/3rd Place

Shangela's signature catchphrase is Halleloo. Since her time on Drag Race, she has advocated for the queer community as co-host of We're Here on HBO and is an avid activist for AIDS awareness. Shangela has made countless television appearances on Bones, Station 19, Glee, 2 Broke Girls, and more.

Latrice Royale

Drag Race: Season 4/4th Plce

All Stars: Season 1/7th Place, Season 4/5th Place

Latrice Royal is an absolute fan favorite from the Drag Race universe. Since her time on Drag Race, she has released 3 EPs and appeared in multiple documentaries and web series. Latrice is an ordained minister and advocates for marriage equality.

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