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King Trippy Welcomes Us All to "Sunshine City"

King Trippy's debut album "Sunshine City" is all about creating a happy place where you know everything will be okay despite any hardships.

Terrome Fernandez, better known as King Trippy, discovered his talent for creating music while drumming for his high school band "Jukebox Romance." When the band broke up, he decided to continue his musical pursuit and hone his craft as a solo artist.

Luckily for him, composing a stage name came naturally. The name King Trippy "perfectly encapsulates the feeling of euphoria . . . it's really about creating a [musically induced] high."

Trippy's biggest inspiration is Ye, more commonly known as Kanye West. Drake, Systems of a Down, and Michael Jackson also heavily inspire Trippy's music. However, the list of inspirations is endless because he "loves all types of music for what they are."

So what inspired the creation of "Sunshine City?"

Trippy's creativity stems from "my life and all the things that both happen in it and also some of the things I manifest for it." There was a time when he felt he was making beautiful music but disconnected from his work since it was not personal.

"I bared my soul unapologetically, and I was vulnerable with my thoughts and allowed myself to heal," He said, "I had lost a lot throughout the making of that album, and in my spiritual journey, I crafted a happy place in which I wanted to drop my bags and head to 'Sunshine City.'"

He aimed to create a space where people who feel alone are reminded that they aren't and that things will be okay if they keep trying.

Developing the thirteen-track debut album can be very stressful and involve feelings of creative block. When King Trippy is feeling blocked, he simply takes a break.

"I love making music, and I never want to make it feel like a job or chore because once it does, it takes away the very happiness that derives from my creation."

There were also some setbacks to the album's development. Seven songs were written and produced before being scrapped because they no longer felt authentic to King Trippy's life. In only four months, he created six new tracks that better told his story.

One of the most challenging songs to work on is coincidentally entitled "difficult." He intentionally wanted to create a song outside his comfort zone because he feels such actions are a "catalyst for growth."

Trippy lists "Who" as his favorite song to work on because he is featured as a guitarist. He was inspired by Kendrick Lamar's quote, "pride is gonna be the death of you and me." He interprets the quote to mean "too much pride can cause you to act in foolish ways which may cause you to hurt yourself." The song is intended to encourage humbleness and balance one's ego while continuing to be your own number one fan.

Although Trippy enjoyed working with every producer, engineer, artist, and muse on the album, one of his favorite people was Eberechi.

"I love our chemistry when creating and truly think we make powerful music when we work together."

Despite having dreams of performing at the SuperBowl Halftime show, touring internationally, and having award-winning and Billboard number one hits, King Trippy defines success as connecting with his fanbase. To him, success is the ability to continue creating and performing music. King Trippy remains humble by praying before every performance to calm his nerves and prepare to give the best show possible.

Unfortunately, like many upcoming artists, King Trippy has had many obstacles in his career.

"I've been disrespected, looked over, talked down on, but honestly, who hasn't? This industry is tough, and it's definitely a career for dreamers because it isn't easy to break into."

One of the more devastating obstacles he has faced is racism. Because of this, King Trippy promotes anti-racism.

"I've partnered with a few clothing brands, and I'm trying to work out some deals on bringing you more black-owned businesses and giving part of those earnings to support people of all colors in inner cities to get the proper essentials to get these kids in schools so they can learn their history."

He believes the best way for the world to move past racism is to change the way children are taught about race.

Regardless of any hardships, his self-confidence is not shaken. He tries to mimic Kanye West's confidence, certain that he will be one of the biggest names in music someday.

For now, he uses his music to spread love, positivity, and peace, reminding us all that we are welcome in Sunshine City.

"The world can be tough, but light is anointing, and Yah willing, I'll be able to save lost souls through my gifts."

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