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Celebrating Our Four-Year Anniversary

Today is my four-year anniversary with my boyfriend, George.

Supposedly, four years is the flower anniversary. However, I'm not a fan of receiving flowers as gifts. Luckily, George is well aware of that and continues to win my heart with food. As gifts this year, we're cooking for each other. He is making a wagyu steak for us, and I'm making chocolate soufflés.

When I started this blog, I was adamant about keeping my relationship separate from it which is funny, considering my first post was about celebrating our three-year anniversary. However, the more I tried, the more difficult it became. He is the secret mastermind behind some of my posts and image concepts and always listens to me rattle off random thoughts about the blog. He inspired the entire food section of this blog. I've written about our decision to move in together, our vacation to Florida, our visit to Haun O' Ween, and even how we met.

Since George is such an integral part of the blog now, I figured I'd write about our first date for our anniversary.

George and I briefly dated in high school but broke up after six months. In high school, George took me to the local pizzeria and a walk in the park. Even then, he knew the way to my heart was through my stomach.

Years later, when we started dating again, I was the one who asked him on a date. However, still filled with nerves and clueless about what to plan, I requested he plans the entire thing and keeps it a surprise for me. Ridiculous, I know.

He picked me up after work and took me to Top Golf, somewhere neither of his had ever been to before. Despite being friends for years with some dating history, we were both nervous and barely knew what to say. Our waiter noticed our awkwardness and took pity on us, bringing extra energy to every conversation to help us feel more comfortable.

Eventually, our nerves melted away when we started playing golf. I learned that we are both terrible at golf, but I am better. My competitiveness overrode my nerves, and I was trash-talking the entire time, just spending time with my best friend.

This is apparently the only proof of our first date.

The real trash-talking really started when our food arrived. My goodness, we hated it. It was barely decent and overpriced for the portion. We were left hungry and unwilling to order more subpar food, so we picked up some Mcdonald's. We parked in the Mcdonald's parking lot and ate and laughed together like we usually did. We talked for so long that we lost track of time and were dangerously close to my curfew.

In the rush to drive me home, he ran the red light nearest to my house and managed to get pulled over right in front of the house. Being the nosy neighbor he is, my dad peered through the window, thinking something had happened, only to find out George and I were bringing in the red and blues. My dad came outside and started yelling at us in hopes of making the cops take pity on George and not give him a ticket. His antics worked, resulting in a lesser ticket than running a red light.

To this day, George and I joke about how hilarious our first date was. In retrospect, it seems so dumb to feel nervous around one another, especially since it was our second attempt at a first date. We still love going to Top Golf but make sure to eat something before we go, and we still laugh about getting pulled over together.

I know you're probably not reading this because you are busy making us dinner but happy anniversary, love.

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