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Commercial Parodies

 by Damaris Chanza

The second parody is of celebrity commercials. Celebrities sometimes do commercials where they humble brag about their accolades only to remind us how normal they are because they use a certain product.

I also put blooper reels together for each commercial for fun.

Thank you to the following people for helping make this project happen.

Videographer & Co-Director - Carlos Chanza

Jingle by Jahleel Giles

Also Features Judith Chanza

Inspired by SuperBowl Commercials, I wrote a blog post entitled 'The Art of Commercials.' As a result, I decided to experiment with  creating parodies of some classic commercials.

Both comercials were conceptualized, written, filmed, and edited in 3 days total.

The first parody is of a medicine commercial. These often have a narrator explain a problem and introduce the medication as the solution. Visuals consist of random activities that make people happy. It's meant to be bright and hopeful.
















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